Blackheads: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

Blackheads are Annoying!Image result for blackheads

Blackheads can cause lack of confidence.

They’re very easy to see by the naked eye.

What Cause Blackheads?

Inconsistency with cleaning face.

Oily skin and dirt clogs up pores.

The Embarrassing Symptoms of Blackheads…

Blackheads don’t really hurt like pimples do….

But blackheads are easily visible because they’re a black-ish color.

How can I get rid of my existing blackheads?

Manuel Removal of Blackheads: Special people like Dermatologists use special tools to put pressure on the blackhead goldmine to get rid of them!

Over-The-Counter Medications: Acne medications in your local drug store can be used.

Chemical peels: Special peels can rip off blackheads safely…

They’re easy and safe to put on and take off!

Check out my Blackhead Removal Mask Review!

How could I stop more blackheads from appearing?!

  • Wash face regular: Washing your face helps out a LOT to keep your face dry of too much oil.
  • Use oil- fee products: Oil-free products a day, keeps the blackheads away!
  • Exfoliating products:  The Exfoliating stuff keeps your face free of dead skin cells.



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